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Great Ways to Pour and Drink Your Beer


During the national drinking beer day, there are occasional delights one might indulge into. It might be football or soccer season, depending on what your palate comprises of, this is the right moment to turn up your beer drinking. For instance, among the delights offered by the growing craft-beer scene are some of the following beer ideas.

Rather than focusing solely on the bottle or beer cans, go for what beer experts recommend. Sometimes the vessel in which you pour your beer into savours the experience. Different beers have their distinct flavors. They come in much more styles and ingredients when contrasted with wine. If you were to go on a collectors adventure, you would discover over a hundred different subcategories of beer with their distinct flavours. The flavours range from the salty to sour to smoky.

There is a course taken by beer enthusiasts where you even receive a certification as a certified cicerone. In many ways, we compare this to the beer industry’s sort of sommelier. Such individuals can distinguish between the beer varieties and malts alongside. Here you learn the best way to serve while describing all unique features.

Learning a lot about beer does not seem to be an exciting subject. However, if you decided to explore further, you will find out an entire world of information. In that regard, it is no surprise that beer lovers know how to have a good time with fine local beer. Here are some beer ideas to ponder over.


How is it Served?

According to science, our taste buds are influenced a lot by your sense of smell. This is the value addition point to consider when serving beer. If the drinker finds it hard to capture a whiff of the liquid inside, you are not doing it right. This is why beer is served in wide top glasses that give the drinker a whiff before they imbibe.
The head of the beer which comprises the foam layer atop the glass is very crucial. This helps to enhance the key flavours by capturing aroma compounds within. Having that in mind, different beer flavours manifest differently with various glasses. Here are some examples of beer drinking techniques.


The Pint Glass

Weighing about 16 ounces, these classical glasses are highly versatile. It perfectly suits several beer styles, from the lagers, saisons, and pale ales to the stouts. It helps when drinking large quantities of beer and has a fairly large head at its top.


Stemmed Tulip Glass

This glass is common in the local craft bar. It is commonly associated with rich, flavorful beers such as double IPAs. The stem helps the drinker when holding without exposing it to the body warmth. The thin head eventuates the rich aromas on the thick foam build up.


The Snifter

The glass has been initially designed for strong ales such as triples, barley, wine, and imperial stout. It is way smaller in volume than the ordinary glass. However, it’s best suited for the powerful beers with over 10 percent concentration.

pouring beer
Pouring Technique

With your brew and glassware, you can carefully pour your beer. When pouring beer into a glass, it is recommended that you angle your glass at a 45-degree angle till it gets half full. After which you gently tilt it upward as you pour right at the center.…