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Why Condos Appeal to Young City Professional

A high-paying career in the city must be the dream of every young professional. And to those who were able to succeed in pursuing their dream, living in a condo in style must be one of the ultimate measures of their success. In Toronto, where more than 50% of its residents live in condominiums, a large portion of these residents is young professionals from the age of 35 and below.

Condominiums are housing options that are appealing to the younger workforce in major cities. Having a condo unit of your own is genuinely liberating. For young people, it is a way of achieving their freedom and independence from the strict guidance of parents and guardians. Here are some of the reasons why young professionals prefer living in a condo than any other housing alternatives that are available in the city.


condominiumLiving in a condominium is truly more convenient than living in a detached house or an apartment. Because these condominiums are strategically located, everything may just be a stone-throw away. As young professionals may not want to be left out on exciting activities and places, living in a condominium in the heart of the metropolis, is a way to ensure that you are at the center of these events. Indeed, condominiums suit the lifestyle of every young professional out there.

Suitable Payment Schemes

It may need long years to be able to buy a house in cash. For a young professional, paying the monthly amortizations for a number of years before owning it, is a more viable way of finally owning a home. Detached houses sold by their owners usually involve one-time payment. While newly built detached houses by developers can be paid on monthly amortizations, they may not be suitable for a young professional who has just started his career because of their lucrative prices.


With the busy lifestyle of young career men and women, living in a condo unit fits their lifestyle to a ‘T.’ A detached home requires a strenuous effort to maintain it. That means spading snow out of your driveway during winter and clearing it and the roof out of fallen leaves during autumn. In condo units, some of the most difficult tasks in maintaining a home are left out for the condo management to perform.

Array of Options

kitchenWith several condominiums around the city, a young city dweller has more options to choose the right condo unit according to the design, affordability, location, floor area, and amenities. But because condominiums are selling like hotcakes everywhere else, your options may be reduced into fewer choices. It is always best to go here and be on guard on newly-built condos and ongoing constructions. Take time in going to showflats and making reservations even if you are a young, ‘busy-as-a-bee’ professional.

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